FRIDAY 4-26-19

DOX SHOWCASE Run Time: 2 hours A showcase of some of the fest’s best films.

Screening Friday, 4/26 @ 7pm | Saturday, 4/27 @ 7pm

Aheng (Iran, 2018 ) 29min 56 sec Director: Mohammad Sadeq Esmaeili

7 women living in an a small village in Iran, cooperate and decide to find a way to release their husbands from an 18 year prison sentence. An unflinching look at opium and its influence on rural life in Iran.

Side Hustle (USA, 2018) 20min 39sec Director: James Tedrow

While many ridesharing companies promote their model as an easy way for people with full-time employment to make some extra cash, there are some drivers that rely on these apps as their sole source of income. “Side Hustle” follows a weekend in the working life of one such driver, as he grinds out hours in Philadelphia to support himself and his baby son.  This engaging film takes an honest everyday look into the emerging gig culture in the US.

Hoan Alone (USA, 2018) 8min 36 sec Director: Aaron Johnson

Milwaukee’s Daniel Hoan Memorial Bridge is the crown over Summerfest and has become one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks. But it’s also a popular site for suicides. This animated documentary explores the issues of the bridge and suicide through three intimate interviews. Follow animator, Aaron Johnson, as he shares the stories of Dave, John, and Mary.  This film is a spellbinding mix of animation and interviews.

Concrete Dreams (USA, 2019) 19min 20sec Director: Nick Nummerdor and Andrew Morgan

Concrete Dreams follows suburban mother Paulina Jimenez, who dreams of funding a free public skatepark in her hometown Villa Park IL. The series follows the project’s struggles and triumphs over a from concept to its impact on the community. Part of a 3 part documentary series by former “Dox” award winners Nick Nummerdor and Andrew Morgan.

Peace On Earth (USA, 2019) Filmed in Batavia, IL Film 4 min 48 sec Director: Ed Plamondon

Every year “Dox” aims to screen a film that relates to the local community.  This film tells the story of how a humble pedestrian bridge in Batavia, IL was transformed into the Peace Bride by a partnership between a local barber and the city.

SATURDAY 4-27-19

11AM: KIDS BLOCK Run Time: 1 hour  

A selection of kid and family friendly short documentaries.

In The Tall Grass (USA, 2017) 3 min 34 sec Director: Erin Anfinson

A short, animated film about exploring the insect world hidden in an Iowa tallgrass prairie. Created as part of Herbert Hoover National Historic Site’s 2017 Artist-In-Residence program in West Branch, Iowa.

Puddle (USA, 2019) 2 min 58 sec Director: Rob Tiffin

This film takes a closer look at an every day puddle

When Kids Meet a Creature (USA, 2018) 20min 37sec Director: Alicia Rice

 “When Kids Meet a Creature” invites viewers of all ages into the creative world of children. This short documentary film follows kids as they explore the enigma of an unknown creature through art and storytelling, imagining how to welcome this mysterious stranger into their hometown. Set in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, the whimsical and participatory film reveals the surprising profundity of play.

1PM: HOPE & FAMILY: 90 Minutes

A collection of life affirming short films that inspire and convey a message of hope through drama and humor.

Below Average Brain (Singapore, 2018) 3min 43sec Director: Chris Shie

Monique was found on the floor with blood coming out of her right ear. There’s no reason or explanation but she hit her head and had a severe traumatic brain injury. She was in a coma for 21 days.  Then she woke up…

Come What May (UK, 2018) 16min 8sec Director: Roland Spencer

A documentary following the extraordinary, and yet often unseen, life of a parent-carer.

David y Goliat (USA, 2018) 19min 19sec Director: Joe Dorris

A young Guatemalan social worker works, despite his self-doubt, to give hope to young people living around the Guatemala City garbage dump, where hope is hard to find.

Justin Geller (USA, 2018) 6min 16sec Director: Jon Rehr

After getting diagnosed with a super rare form of leukemia at 30, Justin’s doctor convinced him to donate sperm before starting an experimental cancer treatment. Without hesitation Justin walked into that sperm bank thinking he would just leave with a funny story. 10 years later he ended up with a lot more.

3PM: AIN’T THAT AMERICA Run Time: 90 minutes

A collection of short documentaries that give perspective on American life and tell singular American stories.

Gaman (USA, 2018) 10min 44sec Director: Nicole Suganuma

A Japanese-American couple share their experiences being in the WWII Internment camps.

Going To The Store (USA, 2017) 10min 32sec Director: Andrew Lewis

Going to the Store is an experimental ‘hybrid’ documentary capturing how it feels to move through Middle-America’s consumer spaces. Gas stations. Strip malls. Fast food restaurants. Spaces to pass by and pass through, unremarkably. GOING TO THE STORE turns that movement on its head as it follows two Midwesterners on a surreal, panoramic tour into the prepackaged environment they inhabit, one Big Gulp and bag of Sunchips at a time.

Still is Still Moving – The Making of the Willie Nelson Stature (USA, 2011) 10min Director: David Von Roehm

Sculptor Clete Shields is working on a statue of Willie Nelson for Capital Area Statues of Austin.

FUPA (USA, 2014) 8min 36sec Director: Gustavo Martin

In “Fupa”, Cody ponders if she should put her pet rat to sleep, or if it’s worth spending the money to get her rat’s tumor removed – Cody barely has any money but she loves her little Fupa. (yes, that’s the rat’s real name)

Family Rewritten (USA, 2017) 13min 15sec Director:Yasmin Mistry

Despite battling Cystic Fibrosis, Camilla, age 16, identified as a typical middle-class American teenager until the thread that held her family together suddenly snapped. Just months before her 18th birthday Camilla found herself in foster care, but instead of feeling ashamed, she made a conscious decision to not let the situation define her


A collection of short documentaries that are visually and narratively stunning.

Village In The Sky  (India, 2018) 19min 52sec Director: RAMESH LAXMANRAO HOLBOLE

With neither sufficient drinking water nor irrigation facilities, out of desperation, Bhimrao digs a well to quench his own as well as his farm’s thirst. This documentary portrays the people of Aagaswadi and their confrontation with drought and other adversities, as well as relations affected by it. All done in the shadows of green energy. Eye opening and highly cinematic.

Life In A Dump (USA) 10min 4sec Director: Joe Dorris

A small community outside of the Guatemalan city of Chiquimula share about their lives living by the city’s garbage dump.

Love Letters To Death (New Zealand, 2018) 15min Director: Simon Ray

This film is a personal, poetical journey reflecting on mystery and mortality as a response to the encounter with a mysterious collection of tiny wooden coffins discovered in a cave on an extinct volcano in Edinburgh 200 years ago.

Their history and archaeology collides with the director’s personal response in a swirl of imagery and emotion, shifting locked memories

Soft Eyes (USA, 2019) 6min 24sec Director: Sam Fathallah

A short portrait of a nature photographer.

Otherland (Netherlands, 2018) 13min 30sec Director:Jan Pieter Tuinstra and Keren Levi

A Vogue dancer performs at a Voodoo Carnival Ball, an important dance contest where he will have to prove himself to be accepted by the local ballroom community.

7PM DOX SHOWCASE Run Time: 2 hours A showcase of some of the fest’s best films.

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