GOLDEN FOX – Awarded to the exceptional film of the fest

For A Better Life (USA) Director: Yasmin Mistry 

Sold for $100 at the age of five, Fekri seeks to forgive the birth family he believed abandoned him.

SPOTLIGHT AWARD – Exceptional documentaries focusing on a subject that is typically out of the public eye

Disappeared: Chicago’s Lost Lesbian Bars (USA) Director: Jacob Pieczynski 

Lesbians are disappearing,” according to 74 year old Marti Smith. Chicago’s lesbian bars are gone. They take with them history that is often ignored and undocumented.

The Promise (Spain) Director: Danel Aser 

She lost her autonomy, her lucidity, her memories, communication and the ability to love. Her will was not to live like this.

Nearest Neighbours (USA) Director: Rhonda Chan Soo

Venezuelan refugees move to Trinidad and Tobago with hopes of bettering their own lives and that of their families, only to find an unwelcoming environment and the uncertainty of their future while caught in a legal limbo.

MIDWEST FOX – An exceptional Midwest produced film

What Happened to Henry? (USA) Director: Andrew Acciaioli 

The first African American drum major of a major university marching band disappeared in 1973 and hasn’t been found since.

EXCELLENCE IN DOCUMENTARY CINEMATOGRAPHY -Awarded to a film with visual excellence.

I See In The Dark (Slovenia) Director: Lana Bregar

The short documentary shows three individuals, who have lost their sight. Their intimate narrative takes the viewer on a journey to their world and feelings about the loss of vision.